Panasonic digital camera repairs

We have been servicing Panasonic digital cameras since they appeared on the market

We have full access to documentation (also of the second, higher level) and to the original manufacturer’s spare parts.

We service both the electronic part of devices and their mechanisms. If the lens is damaged, it does not always mean that it must be completely replaced. Our service replaces specific damaged mechanical components and aligns the whole after repair.

Our experiences

A bit of facts

Number of repairs

annually approx
Years of experience

Quality is paramount. We do not compromise on this matter.

Only original components

We do not use substitutes, we do not make any damaged details. The repair process is based on access to the manufacturer’s warehouse stock.

Tuning after repair

Remember. Certain parameters must be adjusted after repair. For example, the correct operation of the zoom in full range, the synchronization of the shutter with the flash – there is no place for randomness here. Correctly performed repair ends with the tuning of the equipment and saving all settings in the non-volatile memory of the motherboard.

In the repair process, we will take care of reliable information and indicate what should be improved.

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