Panasonic TV repairs under and after warranty

In everyday use, you can encounter a variety of problems.

They concern total damage, where the equipment simply stops working.

There are also quality problems – for example, those caused by dust inside the screens.

It also happens that we cannot use certain functions of the equipment properly.

We will try to help in all these cases.

Our services

Applied repair processes

Backlight damage

A dark screen does not always need to be replaced.

Depending on the model and the availability of so-called LED bars, there is a potential to restore functionality.

Stains on the image

On occasions, dust (cigarette smoke) that settles inside the screen may cause irritating stains on the screen.

In such cases, we undertake the cleaning of the entire team. It involves disassembly into prime factors and is quite time-consuming. However, in most cases it ends with a full restoration of the original display parameters.

Electrical damage

We replace electrically damaged components. We usually use modular replacements. In special cases, in cooperation with the Central Service, it is possible to repair modules at the component level.

Functional problems

In cases of improper functional work, we analyze each problem individually. This does not always mean that the TV is damaged. Compatibility is a common problem today. Access to service documentation and the latest firmware allows you to properly evaluate and find optimal solutions.

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